By Train

Crema has a dedicated railway station, located in Via Stazione, not far from the Arch of Porta Serio, the old northern entrance of the town.

The station is directly connected to the railway stations of Cremona, Treviglio, Olmeneta, Milano Lambrate (for the latter, direct journeys are only available at times coinciding with daily journeys for commuters, going from Crema to Milano for work or study).


Journeys from the main cities of Lombardia to Crema must be arranged considering that it is necessary to make a change in one of these locations, depending on the geographical orientation. For example, tourists from Bergamo and Milan will have to go to Treviglio, from Brescia to Olmeneta or Treviglio, from Lodi, Piacenza or Pavia to Cremona.


For trips to Crema from the main cities outside Lombardia, consider the two main railway junctions in Lombardia, namely Milano and Bergamo. In this case, at least two changes have to be foreseen. For example, if you need to reach Crema from Bologna Centrale you have to change first in Milano Centrale and then in Treviglio.

For updated times and costs, please refer to the website.

Crema is not directly served by Italo. The nearest location for the Italo high-speed service is Milano (Milano Centrale, Milano Rogoredo, Milano Rho-Fiera); the nearest Italo bus service is Cremona.